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12 years of Dating Affairs

I have been married for 20 years, and have been having affairs for the last 12 years. Some time ago in the year 2008, I’ve read an article on Yahoo, about the site called Ashley Madison. The article was bashing the site and condemning its users. I remember a lot of shaming towards the site inventors for the promotion of infidelity and cheating. Naturally, I got curious! With no intentions to cheat I decided to check it out. I thought, well, how bad could it be, I just take a look and see for myself. I made a profile, wrote very short introduction about myself, found a sexy picture on the internet of a girl with the same body type as mine, and Voila…published!!!

For the last 12 years I have been on and off the site, and had quite a few affairs. In my future Blogs I will be writing about my past and current affairs, as well as my thoughts about them.

Over the years, I’ve read a lot of articles on how people failed in having an affair, blaming the site (especially Ashley Madison), the people on the site, and the whole wide world around them. I have read people writing how useless the site is, and how they couldn’t connect with anyone. Well, having gone through so many affairs, some better than others, I can assure you that hot thrilling affairs are very much possible. The quality of your affairs depend on one thing only….and that thing is YOU.

Currently I am talking to 4 gentlemen, all from Ashley Madison site. All four sound great, all intelligent, well spoken so far, kinda fun, and sound quite genuine. Here is a first rule, Ladies…..you don’t have to be exclusive when having an affair! Don’t pick one guy, and focus on him …. if you do, you will most likely get disappointed. Talk to as many as you can, and if something goes sour with one, just swipe, delete and move on. There were times when I was in communication with 6 guys at the same time, but only one out of 6 earned the coffee date, the rest got swiped and deleted for various reasons.

Karina Bloom

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