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A Good Deed

Last Saturday, I decided to treat myself to an Erotic/Boudoir Photo Shoot. I wanted to do it for a while, but couldn’t actually find time to make it happen. Well … it did finally happened … with little, and very private afterparty, so keep reading….

To perform the photoshoot, I hired two photographers, who have never done nude or boudoir photography before. They were mostly photographing weddings, engagements, birthdays and portraits. They were young (in their late 20’s, may be early 30’s), intelligent and very techie. In our communication, they were very honest with me right from the beginning about not having any experience with erotic photography yet. However, their interest, enthusiasm and willingness to explore and try new stuff, picked my interest, and I hired them. Also, their portfolio was quite impressive, with beautiful pictures of people, architecture and nature. I liked their style of work and communication. They were easy and pleasant to talk to, sparing me the burden of various terms and conditions. I just had a good “gut” feeling about them, so we finalized the arrangement! I was excited … the fact that they have never done erotic photography before just made the whole thing so much more interesting. I knew that I would have to run the show, and I just couldn’t wait. Their inexperience was actually a sweet bonus, kinda allowing me to skip certain restrictions and make the whole thing so much more informal.

The day had come, the bag was packed and the hotel was booked. I got to the hotel early to do my make up and get ready. The boys (photographers) got there just on-time with all their equipment, cameras and umbrellas. I was finishing up with my make up, as they were setting up the equipment and fiddling with their cameras. We chatted, laughed and joked around. They were easy going, somewhat relaxed, and very professional … and I was still fully dressed!

The room was very spacious, with two huge double beds, sofa, chair and a cute Boudoir Mirror. One bed was full with my lingerie, outfits and jewelry; the other bed was clean and ready for a photoshoot, or whatever ….

The make up was done and I told the boys that I want to start with lingerie, boots and a raincoat shoot first. As I started to change into the chosen lingerie, I was watching the boys as they hassled with the equipment, double and triple checking it. They were trying very very hard to keep their composure and stay professional, and that was super cute. All dressed up, I posed and they shoot, guiding me where to look and where to stand… and where to sit … the couch, the chair, the ottoman. They were very focused and I was just getting into the mood. You might ask … what was getting you into the mood? I will tell … the eyes … the hungry eyes of two young men, trying their best to conceal their excitement and lust.

As the lingerie sets changed, so did the level of comfort. The camera was clicking, the music was playing, the window blinds were slowly moving down restricting the natural light to the minimum. It was getting rather hot in the room. Was I getting horny? Yes, I was … but the show had to go on.

I wanted to shoot a specific pose, where I was naked, wearing only boots and stockings, sitting on the couch with my legs spread open, holding my underwear in a way that it obstructs the view of my pussy. The camera had to focus on the underwear, blurring the legs and pussy to the point that it wasn’t very clear, but still recognizable. I showed the picture of that pose to the boys, and sat on the couch. As I was spreading my legs wide open, I was looking into the eyes of the camera man … and at that moment I felt like Sharon Stone from “Basic Instinct”. The boys proceeded with the shoot, involuntary glancing at my pussy and my eyes periodically. I was sensing their excitement and feeling it in the air. When the camera was pointing right between my legs, I noticed the droplets of sweat running down on the side of the head of a camera man. It was very erotic, and I felt my own “sweat” forming where the camera was pointing. But …. I had to behave, I couldn’t allow myself anything other than that, also … I couldn’t allow the boys to see my excitement…. I had to stay cool!

The photoshoot continued on the bed…. with sheets and pillows, naked and with heels on, with pearls and bracelets, etc. I was changing poses, exposing myself and watching them sweat! They were taking turns with the camera, where one was shooting and the other one whipping off sweat and drinking water….and I was totally enjoying myself. I knew they wanted to tear me apart, and I would be lying if I said I haven’t considered making a first move … and as the time went by, the two columns of pros and cons were competing with each other in my head. All I had to do is to grab his hand when he was fixing sheets on me while I was in bed naked, and I almost did that at some point, but caught myself just in time. I also caught myself imagining a full blown treesome a few times, and had to stop a re-focus for a second, making sure no one noticed. There was a tremendous amount of erotic energy in the room, that would have eventually exploded if the shoot wasn’t over.

It was over, and everything went great….can’t wait to see the pictures. The boys were awesome and professional, and I am sure they enjoyed the experience as well. But for me…. the night wasn’t over yet! I couldn’t possibly pass the opportunity of being in this beautiful hotel room alone and horny, and not to have someone to end the night with a spectacular finale. I was ready to wreck that bed with a passionate sex!

I knew that the shoot would end around 4:00 pm, so I invited a gentleman to spend few hours with me at the hotel. I met him on the dating site, we talked for few weeks online, and I even met him for coffee about 4 days ago. The little coffee date was short and pleasant, where we mostly talked about life, work and the world in general, getting to know each other. Two days before the photoshoot, I told him about it, and invited him over to spend some time with me at the hotel after the shoot is done. I told him to come over around 5:00 pm. He got super excited about the invitation and said that he will try his absolute best to make it. He was married, so he needed an excuse to get out on Saturday night, and that’s usually tough to do…. but, I kinda knew he’ll make it… how could he not to? At 3:00 pm I got confirmation that he is coming … which made it easier to finish the shoot … you know what I mean.

It was 5:00 pm, and I was wearing black lacy lingerie, heels and a red satin cover up, which was just covering my shoulders. I looked hot … and I felt hot too. He knocked on the door, and I opened. He had never seen me naked, since we only met once for a short coffee date. He walked in with the big smile and complimented me on my hot looks. With the small step forward, I found myself in his arms, and greeted him with a big passionate kiss. As we kissed I felt his heartbeat, and his heart was racing … it was beating fast. I looked at him and he looked back at me and whispered “I am very nervous”. I smiled and said “You don’t have to be … there is no rush and no expectations. We are here to relax and enjoy each other’s company, one minute at the time. Lets go, so we can get a little more comfortable” … I took his hand and walked him towards the big and very inviting bed. The lights were dim… and it felt very peaceful and cozy. I got on the bed and invited him over. He looked at me, right into my eyes, and just dove right into me, pushing me down on the bed and covering me with kisses. In few seconds, I was naked and his face was between my legs. He was gentle but firm, going at it all the way, clearly enjoying himself, and so was I. I felt his tongue, and his lips and his kisses going into every fold and covering every inch. My eyes were closed and my brain was “off” when all of a sudden he paused and I heard him asking “are you close yet?” … I said “what? … close to what?” “Are you close to cumming? I want you to cum” he replied. I was speechless for a second, but then said “not yet”. I wasn’t going to explain to him at that point that girls usually don’t cum in the first few minutes of oral sex, as most men think …. and those girls that do, are faking it, to get you out of that place for whatever reason. I didn’t want him out of that place, I was enjoying it, and I didn’t want him to stop, so had no reason to fake it so soon. Well … it was good while it lasted! I looked at him and he was all ready to perform. He pulled on the condom and the “dance” began. As I started to moan and going “over the rainbow” he asked again “are you cumming, I want you to cum before me”…. and that pulled me right back to earth. All I could whisper is “not yet” … because I so did not want to fake it. He was clearly trying his best, considering my feelings, wanting me to cum first, but … I guess once the “lava” comes up to the crater, there is no way back, it will erupt…. and it did. He apologized for being quick, and that was kinda sweet, and I just smiled back.

Laying in bed he admitted that he has never done it before (slept with the woman other than his wife), plus he also said that he had never experienced a blow job. If I heard that from anyone else, I would think that the bastard is lying, but in this case, I actually believed the guy. He was extremely shy to admit that, and was just laying there still looking a bit nervous. Apparently his wife never did it on him, and since he never cheated, the poor guy had never experienced that and lately was going crazy thinking and dreaming about just that. Who knew that kinda thing was even possible! But there he was … naked, right in front of me … “lucky me”!!!

Well … I knew what I had to do next. I went down on him … starting slowly, gently and passionately. What can I say, I gave my best … and he was in heaven. He moan and complimented me and was trying to say something … I just kept going, until he said that he is about to cum. I stopped, passed him the condom, and sat right down on him. It didn’t take him long to cum, to say the least, but I was totally Ok with that, at that point. That was my Good Deed for a day 🙂 I gave a blow job to a guy, who has never had one before, and that was funny and kinda rewarding at the same time.

Karina Bloom

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