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A Little Update

Hello My Darling Readers!

First of all I need to apologize for such a long gap since my last post. Forgive me, I was too busy “getting material” for my next blogs. So get ready, it will be HOT!

Since my last blog, I’ve had 2 more dates with my “Turkish delight” and both times were incredible. However, going on my 2nd date, I had a little dilemma that involved breaking my own rule. I had to make a little decision. Since I’ve started doing this (i.e having affairs) many years ago, I’ve made a set of rules for myself, that I almost never broke. Those rules got periodically updated, revised, deleted, and sometimes new rules emerged to help me stay safe and continue to have fun. One of those rules is to always use protection (i.e condom), no matter what!

However, now, going on my second date with this guy, I was seriously thinking of doing it without the condom. By that time I saw him few times already, and have been talking to him daily for a while. He was married, with kids, had a good job, was very intelligent, polite and had great manners. He was a true gentleman, and had many other traits of a good character. These, and more, were all my “Pro” arguments. However the biggest and the heaviest argument was that I wanted him “without” … I wanted to feel him bare in me. So, as a true scientist and a medical professional, I weighted all risks vs benefits and made a decision.

Stay tuned …

Karina Bloom

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