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Sexy Blogger and the explorer of the erotic side of the world.

About Me

Welcome to my Erotic Affairs/Sex Blog in real time!
I recently discovered that sharing personal sexual experiences can be very empowering and very entertaining.  I am neither a writer nor a professional blogger.  Actually, I am quite an opposite.  With 2 University Degrees in Science, I thought I had a scientific brain.  However, it turns out that the whole concept of Artistic vs Scientific Mind is a stereotype.  The latest findings clearly show that there is no difference between the two in terms of creativity.  Even Albert Einstein himself noted, that greatest scientists are artists as well.  
Well…here I am … writing my personal blog!
First, let me introduce myself!  My name is Karina Bloom (pseudonym, for obvious reasons).
I am in my 40’s, and have a full-time job, that is highly skilled and requires me to be very professional, responsible and highly accountable for all my actions.  It’s stressful at times, but very satisfying and rewarding. On the other side of my professional life is my love for erotica and sex. That side is hidden from the public eye and from all my friends and colleagues. It’s my little secret world where I can be whoever I want to be, without being watched or judged. It’s my way to express myself, play various roles and explore my hidden desires. I enjoy meeting new people, and getting to know them. For me, the most important trait in a man is his intelligence. As the saying goes “Brain is the sexiest organ”… and yes, I find smart, intelligent men to be highly erotic and desirable. Well… when two “brains” collide, the reaction can be quite spectacular, satisfying not only sexual needs, but going deeper into hidden tunnels of one’s psyche.

Welcome to my world of Erotic Affairs!  It’s a trilling ride, I promise!

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