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Adore Me …

It was a warm Saturday evening in May.  The nature was awakening from the long Canadian winter and the spring was in the air.  The sun was out giving off its warmth, energy and magnetism.  People were out running errands and enjoying the weather.  

I went out on the deck, and the gust of fresh and warm spring air gave me a slight tingling sensation all over the body.  The wave of desire rolled over creating a sweet anticipation of the exciting evening to come.  It was time to start getting ready. 

As the sun started to set, I was finishing off my preparations with the applications of perfume, the most memorable accessory to an outfit.  The outfit had to be impressive, as I was getting ready to impress not one, but two men … or may be more.  I picked a short, somewhat tight, black dress with little sparkles, that were complimenting my make-up.  

As we arrived at the club (my man and I), I felt a little nervous, as it was a busy night with a lot of single men at the bar, drinking, mingling and checking out women. I’ve noticed a few men, nicely dressed, intelligent and good looking.  It appeared like they were socializing, but I’ve noticed an interest in their eyes and of course, the smile … especially one in a white dress shirt with the Martini glass in his hand.   He looked adorable and sexy.  

I got up and went to the bar to meet him.  

I ordered a drink and introduced myself.  What strike me right away was his eyes … he was looking at me with desire and passion, which he was skilfully trying to hide in the conversation.  I invited him to come with me, to meet my date and join us for a drink and a sexy night to come.   

We were talking and drinking and getting to know each other.  As I was standing between two handsome men, I felt sexy and playful.  Men were attentive, caring and comfortable, which made me feel at ease.  As the champagne bottles were getting empty, my seductiveness was flying high.  I wanted their eyes on me at all times, I wanted their desire and their love. 

It was time for me to dance a little seductive striptease.  As I stepped onto the little podium of a strip pole, the adrenalin spiked in everyone.  I was moving to the beat of the music, and the rays of light were shining on me, periodically flashing the intimate parts of my body, that I was seductively exposing in the dance.   I turned and faced the crowd, playing with my dress while looking at my audience.  The audience was responding with erotic energy as I was skilfully removing my dress teasing and tantalizing the viewers with every inch of the exposed body.  Eventually the dress flew off my body into the hands of my handsome date.  Dancing in my panties and heels I felt hundreds of pairs of eyes watching my every move and trying to catch a glimpse of the most private parts.  It was a great night, and I was feeling the audience’s passion and sexual charge.  As my hips were moving to the beats, my panties were shamelessly sliding down along my legs, falling onto my feet. Completely naked, I was dancing and looking into the hungry eyes of horny men, absorbing all those sexy vibes and admiration.  

As I stepped down from the pole, I found myself in the arms of my date, gently kissing me on the lips.  The kisses were sensual and very passionate.   

In a little while I was sitting on the couch between two handsome men (my man and my new friend), leaning on one with my back and resting my foot on the other.  One was kissing me on the lips and caressing my neck and shoulders, the other one was kissing my foot while looking into my eyes.  I felt adored, loved, appreciated and very much wanted.  These men were genuine and open in their desires for love, lust and passion, and that was one of the things all women want.  Sometimes men miss this point and think that women want men to protect and provide for them only.  But women want more than that, we want to be adored, loved, wanted and craved sexually.  That what turns a female into a true woman.  

Karina Bloom

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