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As I was going down memory lane and peeking on my skeletons, that are hiding in the closet, I stumbled upon some unique messages from one of my very unusual dates.  

A little while ago I dated a very eccentric man.  He called me Baronessa.  

It was strange, but exciting, … and I hated and enjoyed it at the same time.  Didn’t even know that it was possible, until it happened to me …

He was very tall and blond, with the full head of curly hair.  Totally not my type.  But he dressed sharp and had a great fit body.  I didn’t even want to go on the date with him in the beginning, but he was so different, that curiosity got the better of me, and I agreed to meet him.  The only thing we had in common is that he was European, with German/Polish background. 

When we talked online, his messages were a bit strange.  He wrote a lot, with lots of compliments and sweet talk, and his every message was accompanied with an interesting erotic and sexy picture of a beautiful woman.  His every message was like a little story with the beginning, the end and the illustration.  Also … he wrote in point form.  I didn’t know what to make of it, but the more I talked to him, the more curious I got.   

Our first date was at the restaurant on the cold Saturday night of November.  

It was an interesting date and here is HIS version of it below (unedited). I received this ‘date summary’ on Sunday morning … 

I wanted to tell you things that I gratefully noticed and admired about Baronessa:

  • she gave it a thought and prepared for the visit,
  • picked a red coat in allusion to our Red Riding Hood conversation 🙂
  • wore it with ease, not everyone is brave to wear red, her boots were the special ones from the event in the photo
  • her jacket was super elegant and corporate
  • underneath, the top was flamboyantly sexy, so was her leather skirt, which required constant adjusting ; ) … even more so, her revealing black stockings, which she flashed flirtatiously several times
  • her hair, jewelry and make up were immaculate!
  • sparkly cherry red toenails were glam : )
  • she was brimming with happy feminine energy
  • made me feel she was happy to see me
  • our energy, cultures and manners were a delightful match
  • she easily welcomed me into her personal space and was at home in mine
  • when I assisted her with her coat, she extended her left arm back.  (girls unaccustomed to assistance of a gentleman, bring it up, a mission impossible : /)
  • she was very discrete with her use of the phone
  • our conversation flower with ease and was interesting
  • our sexual energies at the bar were in wonderful match

WAIT… the toenails were uncovered not in the bar, but a little later ; )

Later in the evening:

  • She showed me her trust in entering my space for the first time, and was comfortable and at ease there
  • was confident in following my lead around the place
  • She nicely disbelieved my offer of a foot massage with her boots on : )
  • we were culturally a match, removing clothes was a lovely cooperation, just right tempo and tease
  • was comfortable with my admiring her body and her movements, and let me see …
  • was comfortable accepting all offerings presented to her
  • made only two requests.  One was to massage her feet.  The other…  I politely don’t remember : )
  • even though it was her night of receiving, she had lovely offerings for me
  • she was at ease with high energy and low energy play
  • she shared information on the clubs and such, gradually and tactfully confined in me things nobody heard before – a big complement, thank you!
  • she’s willing to enter on a voyage of discovery of sexual pleasures on many kinds
  • She does not own a schoolgirl uniform, tat tat…
  • her visit and our play was fun, high quality time
  • she was adorable and absolute delight !!

She is a Class Act

Stayed tuned for my version of that date …

Karina Bloom

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