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Can SEX shift online?

Today, on the last day of May and the last day of spring 2020, I am thinking how quickly the world has changed due to the COVID-19, a new Coronavirus that has emerged at the end of 2019. Many lives have been turned upside down and many changes have emerged … some of which may even have to stay forever and become a new norm. Virtual world practically took over the real one! Lots of people work online, we shop online, we see our doctor online, we even socialize and throw parties online … and now we date online too! Who knew it would come to that? Oh! … forgot to mention … I even had sex online! And now… I am sitting with my MacBook writing this blog to the world … to post online! Can such shift to an online world become a permanent thing?

All the way back in the Kindergarten we have learned about 5 basic human senses … Remember? The sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. We have sensory organs that are associated with each sense, that send information to the brain, that allows us to perceive and enjoy the world around us. So what happens if some of those senses get disregarded or dismissed? Can a human being feel completed or satisfied? Can Sex survive the change? Well … I have 4 online “quarantine” buddies, with whom I chat daily. We had sex chats and sweet talks, but nothing can replace a real hug, a sensual touch, a real kiss and a feeling of a gentle hand going down my body. I am getting fed up with kissing emojis … I want the real thing!

Karina Bloom

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