Champagne and berries (The END)

The date from Champagne and berries Blog (the “under performer” date) asked me out again. I saw him 2 weeks ago, and last week, on Tuesday, he asked me if we can get together again on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning I replied that I wouldn’t be able to, without giving him any explanations. On Thursday, he inquired how was my day yesterday and if I did anything exciting. I told him that I had a great day. He asked what did I do, that was so great. I knew what he was doing … he was probing if I had another date … so I replied that I had sex, even though I didn’t. He said that he thought so, and when he asked me out, I should have just told him that I had another date.

He didn’t get upset or offended about me going on a date with someone else, and I liked it. He appeared like he wasn’t bothered by competition, and that is crazy sexy. Oh wait! … is there a competition? If he can’t perform (can’t get it up), he can’t really compete. May be he thought “she can have sex with whomever and get what she wants, … that way she wouldn’t mind seeing me once in a while, so I can do what I want and what I can with her”.

Well, on Friday he asked me if he can see me again next Wednesday…. and that’s what I wrote:

My Responses are on Green background. His on white.

I didn’t realize that Champagne and berries where such a big deal that needed to be mentioned like that. How does that text supposed to help me with my decision? And of course I said that I enjoyed our time together, what else was I supposed to say? Or should I have told him that I enjoyed you going down on me, but its not enough, I love sex and I want sex. I want to be fucked in different positions. I want to be able to give you a passionate blowjob, and get pleasure out of licking your hard throbbing cock. I want you to hold me tight with your strong arms as you slide me hard on youself. I want to ride you both ways, facing you and backwards. …. etc. etc. etc.

Yes, I enjoy sex, but I also enjoy adventures and fun, pleasant experiences. I would love spending time with a guy doing fun stuff, other than sex, like having a nice dinner, going sex toy shopping, or just having a drink on the patio. There are thousands of ways to have fun and to compensate the guy’s “under performance”, you just have to be open-minded, generous and a little creative.

My Responses are on Green background. His on white.

Champagne, berries and him going down on me — those are the only memories that I will have about him. Are they exciting and interesting? Who am I to judge? May be for someone else those could be unforgettable memories, but I am too spoiled and too kinky …. and can’t wait for my next erotic escapades.

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