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Comfort or Painful Pleasure?

My last few posts were not very exciting, and I even wrote that I am starting to loose faith in men and romance. But I refuse to quit, because you only live once and every experience teaches you something and gives you emotions and memories… and that what keeps you alive and sane. If you don’t give life a chance, it will bypass you, leaving you with nothing to remember. I don’t agree with people who don’t date due to the fear of rejection. I am not afraid to be rejected because it’s not the end of the world, and my life won’t change if it does happen. I think people should take chances, enjoy ‘the ride’, and if it doesn’t work out … just ‘swipe left’, delete and move on … and don’t take it personally! It’s not about you or your expectations, and its not about him and his approach … its just not the right fit, that’s all. Its like shoe shopping, you have to try hundreds of pairs of shoes to find the one that’s not only pretty, but also comfortable. Yes, it can be disappointing when the gorgeous pair doesn’t fit, when it looks great, but hurts like crazy when you wear it. So, you should take it off and put it back on the shelf, and move to another pair. You should never tolerate pain, cry and wear it, just because it’s pretty and expensive, although lots of people do … but why? … it won’t bring you joy, but will make you miserable. On the other hand, sometimes the shoe can fit perfectly and be comfortable, and make you feel like you are ‘walking on the cloud’, but might not have a perfect appearance. Usually pairs that make you feel good and comfortable are of hight quality, even without the magazine perfect look, … but those that look too glamorous and flawless are often give you blisters, corns and calluses. So… I am all for quality and comfort, even if it doesn’t look spectacular … and, I won’t wear a pair by Christian Louboutin if it hurts my feet … well… I won’t wear it for too long, may be just a bit.

Actually a real woman should have both, a quality pair for comfort, and a gorgeously harsh pair for ‘special days’ that each woman must have once in a while. So … do I want a pair of Louboutin’s, of course I do, who am I kidding? It would be a painful pleasure to wear it … every ‘good girl’ needs it once in a while. But for most of the times, I would prefer something comfortable.

My last Monday date was not a ‘pair of Louboutin’s’, but I had the most amazing time just sitting in the restaurant drinking hot tea at 11:30 in the morning. He was very pleasant, had a great sense of humour, was also smart, intelligent and very polite. I got tons of compliment and he brought me lots of sweets… box of pastries, box of fancy macaroons that I absolutely love, and some dark chocolate with hazelnuts. We talked for 2 hours, then kissed in the car. He kissed my cheeks, and gently played with my earlobes with his tongue and was whispering naughty stuff in my ear. It was very sensual and erotic at the same time… got me horny that’s for sure. But, not yet… I am playing by the book this time (coffee, dinner, etc, etc…. no more going to the hotel for the first date … at least not with this one). I am a Good Girl … at least until he whispers that into my ear.

Karina Bloom

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