Erotic picnic

I’ve had a date few weeks back, but just couldn’t make myself write about it.  Just wasn’t in the mood.  Well … to keep this blog/diary going, I need to update you on how it went. 
The date was scheduled for 6:00 pm and at 6:05 I received a text with the room number.  The plan was that he will bring a little dinner “picnic style” and wine and we’ll eat, talk and get to know each other. It sounded very romantic, very different and I was excited!  
Around 6:10pm I knocked on the hotel door.  He opened … he was wearing a crisp white dress shirt, black jeans with black leather belt.  He looked hot, was fit and had a great body.  He was completely bald, which was a bonus for me … since I have a “thing” about hot looking bald men in stylish glasses.  
He helped me to take my coat off and then gave me a big hug and a big kiss right on the lips. It was a bit unexpected, but the kiss was so good, that I really enjoyed it.  
He offered me some wine, and I said that I would love some.  There was no food. He said, that he thought it would be better if we ordered food together a little bit later.  For me, that was disappointing… I was so looking forward for a little picnic on the bed.  The romantic feelings had started to dissipate and I thought that I should start drinking wine.  The hotel paper cups didn’t help … but he had to pour wine somewhere.  
We were sitting across each other, on two separate beds, drinking wine from hotel paper cups, talking about life experiences.  That wasn’t what I have imagined or what I was expecting.  
It was starting to get boring, so I took my boots off and joined him on the same bed he was sitting on.  I guess the wine had started to kick-in.  
He was telling me about his job and his travel experience, and his family. He was in an open marriage and his wife and he were swingers…. I kept drinking more wine. 
He was polite and he was intelligent, so he kept talking and asking me questions … ever slightly touching my feet and running his hand up to my knee. I was wearing a dress and stockings, sitting on the bed in a position of light skin exposure.  
He was getting more and more excited, I could absolutely see it in his eyes, but was still holding himself back under full control.  After a little while, he took my cup, and put both of our cups on the night table. The next thing I knew, he was on top of me giving me big passionate kisses. He was kissing my lips, my neck, going down… unbuttoning my dress and going for an exposed parts of my breasts.  The dress was off, so was my bra.  He was enjoying my breast, gently and sensually, moving down towards my pussy.  With his face between my legs, he was kissing me through my beautiful black lacy panties until they became completely wet.  He brought my feet up and took panties off.  Then he slowly spread my legs wide open, stopped and stare at it with the hungry look on his face.  That just made me even more horny.  I was totally wet down there.  
He went down on me … all the way. His tongue was exploring all the spots, all the folds and all the openings….as deep as he could. The guy knew what he was doing and was doing it right.  I was in the clouds.  He was turning and twisting me periodically but still kept going to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled him up on top of me.  I wanted him right that second and he could totally see it in my eyes.  Few moments later he was all ready to go in, and he did.  Fortunately his equipment was in my preferred size range and fully functional  …. I moan in pleasure arching my back.  He had a great body and strong man hands that were a pleasure to look at.  We kept ‘enjoying’ each other in different positions and everything was going great.  When I was on my hands and knees he gently played with my ass, probably ‘tasting waters’ and exploring the possibilities.  I wasn’t against it, but felt it was a bit too early for that, since I didn’t know his techniques well enough yet.  As I’ve said it before, it’s a sensitive area and special skills are required to do it properly … otherwise you will be in pain.  Some people might question that, but that doesn’t change anything, that’s the truth. Of course, if you are used to watching anal porn, you might don’t understand my position on it.  But I am not a porn star, so for regular women skills do matter… a lot. 
After numerous position changes … he ended up sitting on the floor, and me … I ended up standing, but rather sitting right on top of his face.  He was holding my thighs and practically fucking me with his tongue.  It was rather intense and I had a strong orgasm right on his face.  It was a nice clean and sensual orgasm … nothings like what you might have seen in porn movies.   
I was done, but he wasn’t.  He came back to bed and I went down on him.  He was still in top shape, so it was a pleasure to feel ‘him’ in my mouth. I was enjoying myself going at it.  He was very ripe so I was expecting him to cum any second.  Then, all of a sudden, he asked me to do something on him … I’ve never done that before, I don’t ever want to do that, and I never will.  I pretended that I didn’t hear him and finished my ‘job’.  In case you are wondering, he didn’t ask me to cum into my mouth, that wasn’t it, it was something else … something that I am not OK to do. 
The erotic part of the date was over.  As a true gentleman he asked me what I would want him to order to eat, … I politely refused, telling him that I should be going.  In a short little while I was dressed and ready to go … kissed him on the cheek and left the building.  
I was thinking about that date afterwards… and although it was a good experience, it wasn’t what I wanted. It was a good cup of tea, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  At some points I felt like I was his ‘entertainment’, … but I want the opposite… I want to be entertained and pampered and spoiled by the man.  Ugh … I hope it makes any sense.