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First DATE of SUMMER 2020 …coming up

I have a date on Monday, that’s in 2 days! I’ve never seen him before in person, and we have been chatting for about 10 days….we met online, of course. I am excited …. and that’s the first time I am excited to meet a guy since my last affair. My last affair ended in January. It was a short one, only 2 months, and it didn’t end well. It was totally my idea to end it, since I didn’t like some of his personality traits. Some time I will tell you all about it.

I have been chatting with 4 gentlemen since March/April, that I met online. We’ve exchanged pictures, and with some I even had some sexy/erotic conversations. Nothing mind blowing, but pleasant. All were telling me how eager they are to meet me, and how awful it is that everything is closed. In spring, the COVID-19 quarantine was in full bloom and there was no way to get together, for the sake of everyone’s safety. Now, when everything is starting to open up, I am having a weird vibes from these boys. One of them is always eager to chat, and responds to any of my messages within a minute, always compliments me and tells me how he loves talking to me…but looks like he doesn’t want to meet. I find it very strange! It’s like he wants to talk to me, but doesn’t want to meet, even though he is saying that he does. Another guy, offered to rent AirBnB for the first date. I declined, of course! Third guy keeps saying that he can’t come up with anything what we can do, or where we can meet, while telling me how much he wants to see me….and that’s just getting boring.

It looks like I am faced with one of the greatest mysteries in the universe…”He wants to chat online … he wants to keep you online … but he doesn’t want to meet in person”. The only thing that comes to mind is a three letter response ….WTF? I am not going to wreck my brain figuring out why guys do that. I am sure there are books written about it somewhere. I am just going to go on the date with another guy!

I am meeting my new date on Monday, at lunch time, in the park. He is bringing coffee! I will let you know how it went…

Karina Bloom

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