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First Snowy day of the fall

I had a date today. It was our first date on the first snowy day of the fall 2020. He was very nervous at first, but then kinda got together and was quite pleasant. We talked, sipping white wine, as he was telling me about his life, his career and his family. I mostly listened, watching and analyzing … and that’s were I caught myself thinking … hmmm … I have a secret within a secret. First secret is the actual affairs, where I meet men for fun and pleasure, secretly from everyone I know in my life. The second secret is that those man are not aware of the fact that I write about them here and post it for the world to read. I wonder if they would behave differently knowing that I would write about it later.

I decided to meet this new man today, because I am kinda getting disappointed with my “Turkish Delight”. It was fun and wonderful at the beginning, as you’ve read in my earlier blogs, but lately, I am starting to feel like he is taking the whole thing for granted. I don’t ask for anything and I don’t create any drama … I just come to the hotel room for sex … yes, the sex that I want too … but I think that shouldn’t be an excuse to forget good manners and some sort of appreciation. He totally disregarded my Birthday, and that made me feel cheap. I had a Birthday very recently, and he did text me “Happy Birthday” on that day (after I reminded him), and told me we would celebrate next time we meet. Well, we met … and he didn’t even mention it. I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t like it …

Karina Bloom

4 thoughts on “First Snowy day of the fall

  1. Good morning,
    Life is short. We should celebrate each milestone. I desire a relationship that satisfies the needs and desires of each. Sex is very important but I desire the intimacy of honest communication, loving touches, shared desires, unending kisses.
    One day I will enjoy sharing such a relationship with a woman who wishes to journey through life with me.
    I wish you the best but I want more. God bless.

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