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Fruits and Kisses (part 1)

As I was about to knock on the hotel door, I’ve noticed that it was open … he was waiting! We’ve met for a coffee date before, and it went well. He was a little nervous at first, but handled it pretty good and made me feel comfortable. It’s important to have that comfort feeling, but even more important when a man cares about your comfort level, as opposed to showing off his own brilliance. If a man boasts about his many conquests … flying a burning plane or swimming with the sharks … you should prepare yourself for a bad sex. It never fails, by making a supreme effort to impress you with his stories, he is trying to compensate his underperformance (most of the time without even realizing that). The funny thing is that it works with many women. Every woman wants a James Bond in bed with her, but unfortunately and surprisingly to many, the epic actions are never seen between the sheets. But, women continue to fall for it and make excuses and defend these men, because ‘he is such a hero’. And I am not an exception here, I’ve been with my share of ‘heroes’ to realize the concept and learned to see beyond the charade. Although, I am still hoping to meet a real Thomas Crown … one day!

I opened the door and went in. The room was big and the lighting was dim and perfect. He greeted me with the smile, helped me with the coat and gave me a big hug. On the table, there was a bottle of Champagne, chocolates, a box of colourful macaroons and some fresh fruit that included papaya. I am a big fan of sweet juicy papaya, so that was a clever move on his part and I noted that! He skillfully opened the Champagne bottle and poured it into two cups. We clinked the cups, raised the toast and sipped some Champagne. After a few sips I found myself in his arms, getting kissed on the cheeks and lips and neck. His kisses were gentle, but very passionate. His words were sensual, but powerfully erotic. To be honest … I wasn’t quite expecting that, I thought he would be more nervous, more hesitant and insecure. As I said before, it’s the quiet ones (the men), that usualy impress you, not the ones that flaunt themselves in public places. So, here I was, standing in the hotel room, in the arms of my date. His left hand was touching my neck, running fingers through my hair, while the other hand was skillfully unbuttoning my dress. The dress fell to the ground, revealing my black lacy lingerie and stockings. My bra followed my dress. He got on his knees and started sliding down my stockings, kissing my inner thighs, legs and knees. It was very sexy. Suddenly his hands grabbed my butt while he was getting up, and carried me to bed. I pulled his shirt off and wrapped my hands around him. He was showering me with kisses everywhere, slowly moving down from my upper lips towards the bottom ones. My body was feeling it and responding with goosebumps, tingling sensations and a warm wetness. With a gentle touch he removed my panties, grabbed my knees and boldly spread my legs wide open. I moaned and closed my eyes. I was sensing the pause, but kept my eyes closed … I knew where he was looking. It was a short pause, but felt like forever … the excitement was off the charts. Then, a sweet passion kiss, right on my wet bottom lips. He was a great kisser all the way around, doing it right, and not holding back. The tongue went into all the right places, exploring and searching for hidden buttons of ultimate pleasure. It’s a sensual process that does require some skills, and the right attitude. Only those, with a true desire to please, can find those buttons and make them work. Let me tell you a little secret here … women sense very quickly whether or not a man is on the right path to find them, and if not … we fake it. So if a woman cums quickly from an oral pleasure, there is a huge chance that you were ‘swindled’. A woman needs to relax first, feel your attitude, absorb your passion and then open up to let you in to discover the hidden treasures … and that takes time. Well … I was in no rush, and he was on the right track. His hands were at my thighs holding and raising my bum ever so slightly to bring it closer to his indulgence. That’s another thing, a woman should feel his indulgence, she needs to feel and soak up his genuine pleasure. The sexy music was playing creating intimate atmosphere while his tongue was setting me off towards the peak of sexual satisfaction. The culmination was delightful, with moans, shakes and grabbing his head with both of my hands. With my fingers buried in his hair I pressed on his head thrusting his face deeper into my pussy. I was in the clouds, enjoying myself as a true woman should. As my moans slowly faded away he came up to me for one wet kiss on the upper lips. He looked right into my eyes, leaned towards me and whispered into my ear “you are amazing”… but it was just the beginning.

To be continued …

Karina Bloom

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