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Fruits and Kisses (part 2)

A little out of breath, I was lying on my back on this big hotel bed, with my head buried in soft pillows and his head still between my thighs showering me with little soft pleasure kisses. Relaxed, but still horny, I run my fingers through his hair, wanting him to look up at me … into my eyes, … and he did. I guess my message was pretty clear, because he got up and prepared himself for the ride by putting on a ‘raincoat’. All dressed up, wet and ready, he leaned on top of me, looking into my eyes and kissing me on the lips. I welcomed him in by wrapping my feet around his body. I felt him snuggled inside me sensually, slowly moving back and forth. It was a love making scene, sensual and gentle. His enjoyment was so genuine and pure, that I was feeling it with all my body. It felt like he was deliberately slowing down the process to prolong the pleasure … and I was totally enjoying it. There are moments when you want to be fucked and there are moments when you want to be loved … and that was one of those moments. The slow music, the big comfy bed with extra fluffy pillows and comforter, the dim lights and juicy words whispered into my ear, created a perfect environment for sensual pleasures and love making. His touches were gentle, his kisses were slow and passionate, and his words were warm and lustful. I was relaxed and enjoying the moment, when he gently put his hands on my hips and turned me around. On my hands and knees, I found myself feeling intoxicated by his affection, so I buried my face into the pillows keeping my naked ass up and fully exposed. His hands were holding me at my thighs and since my face was down, I could only feel and anticipate. My expectations to feel ‘him’ sliding in were interrupted by a different feeling, the feeling of his tongue going into my pussy instead. It was a delicious surprise, and a great preparation for a sweet ride … and it was a sweet ride. At that position he was a bit tougher and it felt more intense, but still sensual and tender, as if he was trying to preserve the love making, and prevent it from going into straight fucking. Well … although his intentions were sweet and honourable, the excitement and desire eventually took over and he ended up on his back, and me on top of him, riding him wildly, holding him by hands with our fingers intertwined. It was just hot sex at that point, with moans, groans, heavy breathing and back arching. At the finale, he grabbed my arms and pulled me towards him … slamming his lips into mine. He held me tight like that, kissing me passionately on the lips, periodically getting short of breath. It was a passionate moment and it felt awesome. The pillows were all over the bed, the fluffy comforter was on the floor, and the room smelled like sex.

The fruits were juicy and champagne still had some bubbles. We ate some fruits and kissed some more … everywhere …

Karina Bloom

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