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Fruits and Kisses (part 3)

The fruits were delicious and the kisses were sweet and addicting. Buried in soft pillows I enjoyed his thousand of little kisses all over … showering me with his affection and lust. The sweet images of that lustful night are still periodically emerging in my mind, interrupting my thought and interfering with my concentration during the most inappropriate moments.

We had a great connection and great sex, all of which was rudely interrupted by his wife’s message to me on one quiet Saturday night. It was weird and unexpected! Turns out that his wife hacked his computer, with the help of her IT specialist friend, and read our very personal messages and saw my very personal pictures. She created a WhatsApp group of me, her and him (her husband/my lover) and wrote a message, addressing it to him and me. The message said that “all the information that she collected will be reported to” my place of work because I did not obey the social distancing rules during the pandemic. That left me speechless! I had to write back, of course! But before I tell you about my response, I have to make certain things clear. I don’t have any intentions to wreck anyone’s family, and I am not interested in a serious relationship or marriage. I am all for freedom of choice and freedom of action, as long as nobody gets hurt. I always make it clear at the beginning of any ‘relationship’, and this time was no exception. He assured me that I can count on his discretions and vigilance. He also mentioned about divorcing his wife due to lack of communication and ‘growing apart’. I told him that he should think long and hard before making any decisions like that, and may be try to work things out. The last thing I want is to feel that I am the reason of someone’s drama or heartache. At the begging of the affair he told me that his wife and him have been having problems for many years, and his decision to look for someone outside the marriage (for some fun and flirt only) was a consequence of that. The guy haven’t had sex for 3 years … can you blame him? It made me kinda sad … that good people end up in the situations like that. I am not at the position to judge who is to blame, and there are always two sides of any drama, but nevertheless … my belief is that any individual should bear the responsibility of the situation that he/she is in, unless someone is physicaly holding you against your will. Whatever you do or decisions you make, you should be prepared to deal with the consequences of those decisions or actions. Well … as of me … I had to write a response to his wife!

I did a quick research and found out that ‘wilful interceptions of private communications is a criminal offence … with the maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment’. So I responded with the citations of Canadian Law saying exactly that. I’ve also added that I will not hesitate to sue her if any of my private information or private communications get exposed. I also noted that collection of private information without consent, and using that info to make threats, is also a criminal offence, as well as the distribution of that info, constituting the invasion of privacy. My response was purely based on facts and ‘law citations’ without any references to the affair itself. Well … it worked, and she responded with one word: “Agreed!” … which was fine with me.

Got me thinking … why women most often blame other women for marriage troubles? If a husband is looking for sex/flirt outside the marriage, may be you should take a closer look at your marriage, instead of going after a woman that’s involved with your husband. If you scare off one girlfriend, he will find another one.

Anyways, I don’t like drama, and I don’t want to be a part of anyone’s drama. So, we (me and my lover) agreed to stop communications and seeing each other. He told me that he is filing for divorce, and after that will contact me; and I told him that he should sort out his life and wished him all the best!

Karina Bloom

2 thoughts on “Fruits and Kisses (part 3)

  1. Having way more experience than the two of you, here’s some pointers I learned:
    1. When a man says his marriage has been on the rocks for a while and is fooling around, chances are very high he will be caught and the lady in as well in most cases
    2. When a man says he’s looking for sex outside his marriage because it’s a lifeless marriage, say thank you but no thanks. There is too much drama. Look for happily, married men who have no interest of leaving their wives but want a bit of spice in their lives. They think much more clearly, are more vigilant and cover their tracks way, way better.
    3. This fellow is not very bright, probably because he’s not thinking clearly, laterally or outside the box. He was probably blinded by the sex, it can easily do that. Never, ever, ever leave a potential trail on your phone. 9 out 10 times, will be caught. If you do, you want to get caught.
    4. It’s not just women who blame other women for their marriage, but I see it with men. Men blaming other men for their wives fooling around. Damn, how stupid can those men be, the reason the wife is out there is because of you, not other men. Don’t blame other men, blame yourself.
    5. If he finally does file for divorce, don’t see him. It’s just beginning. His wife will continue to make your life hell, let it go. Again, more fish out there.

    The above has not happened to me, close but never, but I know of many men and women who were caught and the drama was awful. Life is way too short to waste it on drama and pain, if you really want to be with a guy cause he turns you on so bad but says he’s in a bad marriage and is looking for divorce, run the other way, there’s always another train arriving at the platform. The chase, the wanting, the unexpected, fantasizing is part of the game, enjoy it just as much as the act.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and wisdom! I totally agree with you … on everything! Drama wastes so much of your energy … the energy that should be spent enjoying life, and the worst thing of all is to get caught in someone else’s drama. I think you are right about ‘happily’ married men, they are usually pretty smart about the whole thing, and are sooo much more fun. It should be an exciting game for both parties … the chase, the wanting, the anticipation, the preparations … its so much fun, for me anyway!

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