“Indecent Proposal”

I went shopping yesterday morning for a new purse, because my favourite one is about to break any day now.  It’s been a while since I went shopping, and I was feeling excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and buying beautiful stuff, but lately was too busy with life.  I enjoy to dress up for the occasion and Brands do matter to me. I like certain Brands more than others because of it’s quality and uniqueness, and how they help me to portray my class and sophistication.  To make the long story short, I went into my favourite Brand store and … voila! … the purses of my dreams were looking right at me at the arms reach.  I was looking and touching and imagining myself carrying one, and then the other … there were ones that exactly fit my style and “practically were made for me”, but they all were out of my budget.  We all have certain “soft spots” … men have them too.  It might not be shoes or clothing, but guys like expensive “toys” or things too, for their own reasons, of course.  For example, cars, watches, golf clubs, fishing rods, and even weapons and chainsaws.  So we all should try to understand and most certainly respect each other.   
As I was looking at those purses, I couldn’t help to remember an offer from a gentleman to pay me for a date.  I’ve had gone on many many dates before, but never had a paid one.  Was it an “Indecent Proposal” or was it a date “outside the standards”.  Just for the record, there was no mention of sex or any sexual favours, but we are all mature adults and of course can read between the lines, and I clearly understand what a paid date entails to.

Right now, I meet my dates on the popular dating site, the Ashley Madison, to be exact. I chose that site, because I don’t want relationship, I don’t want drama, I need to maintain the discretion, but at the same time have fun, exciting and erotic experiences with no strings attached! Yes, I am a dream date! Oh… I forgot to mention, that I never ask for anything! I am very self sufficient, have a well paying job and a great career. My only reason of doing this is my love for erotica, sex, meeting interesting people and writing about the most memorable erotic adventures. It’s my secret little world hidden outside the society’s standards. Doesn’t it sounds perfect? Well, it should be … but not always! Having said all that, I am still a woman, who wants to be valued, pampered, appreciated and respected. If I don’t put monetary value to the date, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cost anything. Amazing experiences and sensual times should be valued more than just straight forward adult entertainment, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, I have had lovers who took it for granted, thinking they can get away with just free sex. Well, nothing in this world is free, and there are millions of ways to show your appreciation, without paying hourly rate. Without that, any woman would feel cheap and taken advantage of (used) … and that’s just unacceptable. I have been made feel that way before, when my Birthday was ignored (not even flowers), when I didn’t get a Christmas Present and nothing on Valentines Day, etc. etc. Having experienced all that, I have no issues right now accepting and expecting things and offers for a date, and I don’t see anything wrong or indecent with that either. Although I haven’t had a paid date yet, I think it is a fair and simple way to express your value and appreciation for woman’s time and effort. Well … let’s see what happens next!

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  1. Don’t disagree with you. Showing appreciations are good. Been guilty of not showing sometimes….working of being better!!

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