Indoor picnic

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am going on the date in few hours.  I am nervous, because I am going straight into hotel. My first attempt at this type of a date was last month, and it failed miserably. I was stood up … the guy never showed up.  This gentleman seems very very nice and intelligent and polite, pretty much the same as the previous one, but much better looking.  The hotel meet and greet was his idea, but he also said that he would bring dinner, wine and dessert, so we can have a little picnic and get acquainted.  I really liked the hotel indoor picnic idea, so I agreed to meet.  I am getting ready right now and writing this …. and hoping it all works out.  Also, I am crazy nervous, and that’s because he sounds like he is not.  He sounds confident, but calm and excited at the same time….and its driving me crazy.  He just wrote to me “Don’t be nervous….I will hold your hands ….”, and my heart just skipped a beat.  Now … let’s lee if I can make it to the hotel door …..