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Last date of 2020

Happy New Year! 
Wishing everyone to stay healthy, these days it’s the most important and most valuable wish.  Stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally; treat yourself once in a while to anything that brings you ultimate pleasure and try to enjoy it to the fullest.  
I tried to end my 2020 on the happy note, with an exciting date.  Silly me…. it was the year 2020, what was I thinking?  
I met this guy online (on one of the dating sites), and we talked for over 2 weeks.  He sounded very nice, polite, intelligent, etc etc … and I haven’t spotted any ‘red flags’ during our conversations. Once our talks got heated up, he suggested to meet.  At other times it wouldn’t be an issue, but right now, we are in a complete lockdown in the middle of Canadian winter.  Restaurants, coffee shops, malls, and any meeting places are closed.  To meet outside when there is -5 degrees Celsius and snow, not very romantic … and to sit in the car in all your winter gear (boots, hat and winter jacket) is not very erotic. The subtle suggestion from him was to have a coffee and conversation, kinda meet and greet, in the hotel room….with no expectations and no obligations, of course.  I suggested wine, but he said that he doesn’t drink so I said OK, we don’t have to.  
We were meeting right after Christmas, on Sunday afternoon.  It was nerve wracking and exciting at the same time, and I have never done anything like that before. I was going to meet a guy in the hotel room for the first time. Of course we had a ‘no expectations’ talk but I knew what was going to happened.
He texted me that he got there early (about 1/2 hour earlier than agreed).  I was still getting ready, …so I asked him to text me room number.  I got to the hotel, all made up and looking pretty, and texted him that “I am here, and I need a room number”.  He texted me back that ‘it’s all collapsed and he is so sorry, and he has to go home, because his daughter is not feeling well’. 
So.. here I was… sitting in my car, on the hotel parking lot, thinking WTF? It was obvious that he wasn’t in the hotel, he didn’t even come…. I was clearly stood up.  
The funny thing was that I didn’t even get upset…. I was smiling and thinking…hmmm that’s just crazy!  I kinda felt sorry for the guy, and drove off to Costco for some shopping.  
One hour later in the midst of my shopping I received a text, where he was telling me that his wife found out, and he ‘realized that he is not going to throw away his family to sleep with most likely prostitute’.  That made my day!  Well … I took it as a compliment! The only difference was that I was meeting him for FREE, other than that … the hotel, my sexy outfit, my beautiful lingerie underneath and my most friendly smile …hmmm. 
I was thinking about it, as I was shopping, and I don’t think that last message even came from him…. I think it’s the wife who wrote that.  I don’t think men think that way….meaning that ‘they are throwing away their families if they sleep with another woman’.  That’s what women think.
Anyways… I bought lot’s of delicious treats at Costco, got home, made myself a big cup of tea, put my pajama pants on and turn on the Netflix.  

Karina Bloom

2 thoughts on “Last date of 2020

  1. You are probably right it was the wife that wrote that text
    Sorry it didn’t work out for you
    I would have done what ever had to be done to spend some Quality time with you
    But that’s just me
    Hope 2021 is going great for you
    Love your beautiful pictures on Twitter thanks for sharing them with us 💕💕

  2. I was impressed at how well you took it. I would not have been so charitable, I don’t think.

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