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My First Affair (the Hotel cont.)

The sheets where white, the pillows were big and soft … and all over the bed. I grabbed one of the pillows with my left hand and was squeezing it, while the fingers of my right hand were running through his hair. His head was between my legs and his hands where at my thighs. I could feel his tongue trying to go as deep as possible to the point that my back would arch and … I moan with pleasure. He was experienced at it … or may be I wasn’t. He left no spot untouched down there, from front to back. His enjoyment was obvious, which made me forget about any sorts of embarrassment and spread my legs wide, showing myself off to him.

Well… now was my turn to “return the favour” and I couldn’t wait. He got up and was standing at the edge of the bed, slowly undoing his belt buckle. I sat on the bed starring at it. I should have helped him, but was too mesmerized by the process, I guess. His pants went off, with all the other pieces of clothing. I crawled to him, naked, smiling. He was delicious! My lips were moving up and down as my tongue was licking and going around it. His erection was getting stronger and he was getting harder, as I was enjoying it. You know what would have happened if I kept going, so did he, so he stopped me and pushed me back into the pillows.

The next thing I knew, he was on top of me. As he started kissing me on the lips, my legs wrapped around him in a big hug. Indulging in his kisses, I felt him sliding into me smoothly with little friction. Yes, I was horny and I was wet. My legs went apart practically by themselves and I didn’t hold back any moaning and groaning. My hands were periodically hugging him and grabbing the sheets as the speed went up. It felt very intimate, personal, erotic and forbidden. The comfort level, that I was so used to with my husband, was replaced by pure lust. We were having hot sex, that was erotic and sensual at the same time. It didn’t last too long, as he stopped and asked me to turn around. I turned around and assumed the position. My butt was up and my face was down. He practically grabbed my thighs and went in. The feeling was more intense in that position as I was feeling him going in and out. For a quick second I felt like a pornstar, since I wasn’t with my husband. It was very new and very exciting! I wanted more and didn’t want him to stop yet, but …. the nature took over and he was done!

As soon as it was over … I had a million thoughts going through my mind. I was thinking about how wrong it was and how great it felt. The date was over and I had to dress up and go home. There were no regrets and I was quite content with what happened. I remember feeling tired and very hungry. On the way back from the hotel we grabbed some sandwidges and kisses Good Night! I didn’t know how my life would be after that, but I was OK with that. Deep down, I knew that everything will be fine …. and it was!

Karina Bloom

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