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My First Affair (the Lunch Date)

The first step into the World of Affairs had been made! The first coffee date was nerve wracking, but very pleasant. The first kiss was unexpected but truly enjoyed. Now, my mind was racing …. what’s going to happen next? Do I want that to happen? The truth was that I was excited, curious, and feeling extremely adventurous about the whole thing. I knew that I wanted to go all the way, I wanted to see how it feels. How it feels to be with another man, how to kiss him and feel his kisses back.

Days went by, we chatted every day getting to know each other. He was very intelligent and knowledgeable with the great sense of humour. He was very easy to talk to and very very much not boring! He was clearly expressing interest in having a sexual experience with me, but was doing it very gently and assertively. It didn’t feel pushy and I liked it.

The next date was set up …. we were to meet for lunch!

It was a beautiful, sunny spring day. We met at the Mall’s Parking Lot, I parked my car and jumped into his. I felt like I was in the movie. I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, with this gorgeous man in a sharp suit, looking and smiling at me.

We got to a restaurant in about 20 minutes. It was a small family restaurant on the secluded plaza in the industrial area. It was perfect for an Affair Lunch! He probably was there before with another date, but …. who cares? We were greeted at the door and seated very quickly. We were the only people in the whole restaurant and that was a bit awkward … but it didn’t really matter at that point. It was somewhat a fancy place with white tablecloths and nice crystal glassware. We looked over the menu, ordered lunch and wine. The waiter quickly brought wine and some appetizers. We were chatting and drinking wine, waiting for our food to arrive. You should never drink wine on an empty stomach with a good looking man in a crispy white dress shirt with cufflinks! I was trying to behave like a true Lady. It’s either my eyes were betraying me or he was a smart and experienced man, or may be both. He started leaning towards me, giving me gentle kisses on the cheek at first …. then after more wine we were French kissing and I felt his hand on my knee under the table. As I started having goosebumps, we were rudely interrupted by waiter, who brought us food. The waiter, with the grim on his face, put the plates on the table and left. The food looked good, but I was hungry for something else. It’s hard to say right now what we were doing more, eating or making out. I felt his lips on my lips, cheek, neck … his hand on my thigh hidden underneath the tablecloth and my skirt…. until we got interrupted again! This time it was the owner of a restaurant giving us a bill, and asking us to pay right now, because he was closing the restaurant due to the unforeseen circumstances. He was clearly throwing us out, while trying to be as polite as possible. It was awkward, but it wasn’t upsetting at all…. it was just funny. It must’ve been a hot scene that made some people jealous. The restaurant was still quite empty, with only 4 people in there, except us, sitting all together. He quickly paid the bill and we left. We were just thrown out of a restaurant for making out … and that was funny. All the way back we were kissing and making out in the car, while he was driving! The lunch date was over …. and the expectations for the next date were quite obvious.

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