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My First Affair

While we are all on quarantine, let me share the story of my first affair. It was many years ago, sometime in 2010. Some of you might wonder why did I choose this path. Well, it’s all started out of curiosity. I haven’t had any problems with my marriage or my husband. All was good, and at that time I wasn’t looking for anything other than fun and excitement. I was browsing AM (Ashley Madison), reading profiles, but never actually contacted anyone. It was a lot of fun. Most men were writing what they were looking for and what they were missing in their lives. Every day, when I opened my profile, I had tons of messages waiting for me. Men were reaching out like crazy. First of all, I had a vey sexy profile photo, and second of all my profile info was short, sweet and pleasant with no drama and no issues! Messages were very very different! Priority messages (I guess those you have to pay for, not sure exactly how it works) usually were the best ones, where men introduced themselves and gave me the key to see their pictures. Other messages were very different, from “Hey babe!” to plain dick pictures. In a very short period of time, I figured out that there was no point reading any messages, other than those marked “Priority”. I made a rule for myself to never respond to “Wink”, “Hey”, or “What’s Up?” Another rule was to swipe and delete immediately, anyone who had a dick picture or who was asking for a Key without saying a word. I still follow those rules!

I am still wondering, why some men think that any woman would be attracted to a dick picture. Any man, who thinks of ever sending his dick pictures to a woman, should know that its NOT COOL, it might kill your chances with that woman, and that you haven’t got anything that we haven’t seen before….. its NOT the way to impress a girl, that’s for sure!

After conversing with number of men, I started considering meeting one for coffee. We have exchanged pictures and were chatting daily. He was a lawyer, …. intelligent, polite, cute, dressed in a sharp suite, and very enthusiastic about the whole thing! Well, his enthusiasm rubbed off. My eyes lit up with excitement, my heart started beating a little faster and the level of adrenaline was up to the max. He wasn’t pushy, but was not shy to show his sexual interest in me. I liked it, and was feeling desired, sexy and provocative. I was feeling like a beautiful woman, who is desired by men. I agreed to have a coffee with him. We set a date, the time and the restaurant. I was supposed to call him in the morning of our date to confirm it. But the date was a week away, and I had to survive that week. We were chatting daily, and everything was going great! At least that what it seemed! In reality, I was extremely nervous. One day I thought “I shouldn’t”, the other day I thought “why not?”… it wasn’t like I was going to have sex with him, it was just a cup of coffee. I was anxious and excited at the same time. The week has passed, and it was a morning of our date. In the morning, I dressed up nicely and went to work. Finally, it was time to make a call…. so I called, and told him that I have to cancel. I chickened out! For the rest of the day I was thinking about it, trying to understand what has happened and why. The date didn’t happen THAT day….but it will!

…..the story to be continued!

Karina Bloom

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