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Welcome to my Blog Site!

This is my very first blog, as I have never written one before! I am not quite sure how to start, so I will just go ahead and say it…. Welcome to may personal private Sex Blog. The Blog about my life, affairs and thoughts about it.

This is a Real Time Blog, so I will write about current events, experiences and affairs. Yes, my secret affairs, and rendezvous. Why secret? … because I am married, and having affairs with married and single men!

It’s the year 2020, May, and the whole world is battling novel coronavirus COVID-19. Most countries are in a lockdown, and Canada is no exception. The Toronto is on quarantine, social distancing is enforced and self-isolation is highly recommended and encouraged. All social events and gatherings are cancelled. All bars, coffee shops and restaurants are closed! Schools are closed since March. Malls, salons and most of the stores are closed as well. Only grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and some other few essential services are open. Thousands lost their jobs and thousands are working from home in isolation. Yes, that’s the reality of Spring 2020, and everyone is affected!

I am a front line worker in the medical field, so I am still working! My profession is not recognized as “heroic”, since I am not a nurse or doctor, but never the less we stand out there in the masks and gloves, serving the public!

Now, to the juicy part …. well, not very juicy during quarantine! The dating world has come to a halt! It’s unfortunate, but it’s a right thing to do. No lunch or dinner dates, no meetings, no rendezvous and no affairs… well, no live affairs. The dating sites are still somewhat busy, but most of the action is virtual. Cyber Affairs are in full bloom!

Read about my current Cyber Affairs in the next Blog … coming this weekend!

Karina Bloom

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