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My Turkish Delight (autocorrect)

I always get this feelings of butterflies in my stomach after I knock on the hotel door, even though I’ve seen the guy before many times. He is my Lover, and he is awesome. He enjoys pleasing me and is not shy to show it. Men make a huge mistake when they don’t express their desires to please a woman, when they hold back showing how much they desire and want a woman. It’s very erotic to hear sexy words and see hungry eyes. However, it should be done tastefully and sensually. Saying “You Hot … or I wanna fuck you” will not arouse anyone, but would get a door slammed into your face, most likely.

He opened the door, looking very handsome …. patiently waited for me to take my shoes and my jacket off, and wrapped his hands around me. I was wearing a dress with lots of small buttons all the way from the bottom up. As he started unbuttoning my dress, I raised my arms and he just slide it off. I was standing in my lingerie as he was covering me with kisses, slowly going down until he was standing on his knees, with his face lower than my bellybutton. I felt his lips and his tongue eating me up passionately, and it felt amazing.

Both naked in bed, he didn’t spend much time on foreplay this time, but proceeded with going right in. I was totally good with that, since I wanted him as much. He complimented me for being wet and hot … and all of a sudden, my phone beeped with the text message. It was a message I had to respond to, it was important. The phone was on the table, so I got up and went to write a text message. As I was writing the message, I felt his arms going around my hips and him going in me. I stopped, but he kissed my back and said: “You can keep writing, I won’t look”. Typing while being fucked … that’s what I call a real challenge! Well … whoever invented word suggestions/predictive text and autocorrect was a genius! I wouldn’t be able to finish my text without this feature, and I will never swear on autocorrect again. My suggestion to anyone who is reading this … do not turn off this feature, you never know when you might need it! Even with the ‘suggested word’ technology of my latest iPhone, it took me a while to complete the message, but eventually it was sent and we were back in bed.

The sex was hot and passionate all the way from front to back, utilizing both body orifices. I was relaxed and horny, and with the little guidance from me he was able to go into the ‘back’ smoothly. It felt tight, but pleasant. I could feel his cock throbbing in me as he was moving it. It felt very intimate to the point of feeling vulnerable… and that what made it so incredible… it’s hard to explain in words, but I know that some of you would understand!

Karina Bloom

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  1. Really nice.

    Had a similar experience when a client called…forget to turn off the phone.

    Keep on sharing!

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