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My Turkish Delight (first date)

Last Monday, I had a date with a gentleman from one of the dating sites. We talked online for a bit prior to that and he sounded very nice. On Monday we met for the first time.

The date was set up to take place at the local park, at 11:45. I got there at 11:43 … and he wasn’t there… I thought he was going to be late! In about 5 minutes I saw him pulling up into the parking lot. We both got out of the car and greeted each other with the smile. He had a tall Ice Cap from Tim’s for me, since it was a very hot day. I thought it was a very nice gesture, and that gave him some initial brownie points. Additional brownie points came from wearing a crisp white, freshly ironed shirt, and being well groomed. He had a nice tan and looked gorgeous!

It was a beautiful sunny day, and there were a lot of people at the park. We walked and talked for a bit, then sat on the bench admiring each other. Once in a while he would wrap his hand around my waist to give me a friendly hug, it was sweet. I felt very comfortable talking to him and I think he was comfortable with me, and that was a great start. The important thing was …. he wasn’t boring, and I hate boring!

When we got back to the parking lot, he offered to take a drive in his car around the park. I couldn’t say NO, it was a beautiful day, gorgeous man and a convertible car, and I secretly wanted him right there and then, … but had to behave appropriately. I was holding up like a true lady, fighting off all kinds of naughty thoughts and images in my mind. It was a very pleasant ride. Although his hand was on my thigh, he was driving like he was taking a driving test, obeying all the traffic laws, earning more brownie points from me. I hate careless driving and those who like to show off behind the wheel.

Back at the parking lot, when the car roof closed, he pulled me towards him for a hot passionate kiss. The kiss was amazing, but at that point we both wanted more. I wanted to climb up to his driver seat and sit on his lap. Since I was wearing a dress I was imagining how I would feel him, kiss him and wrap my hands around him. But it was 1:00 pm at the busy parking lot of a local park, and we had to keep it decent. We agreed to meet again in one week.

The reality was, that nobody could wait that long. Next morning he wrote that he wanted to see me again….tomorrow. The feeling was mutual, so I said “Yes”. He continued to be a gentleman and gave me two options: to meet for lunch/coffee or get a room. I said that I want a room.

At around 10:00 am, on Wednesday morning I was driving to the hotel…

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