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My Turkish Delight (The Date)

I got to the hotel at about 10:00 am. Walking through a hotel corridor I caught myself feeling a little nervous, but super excited with anticipation. I was wearing a light short summer dress, sexy black thongs and no bra. I decided not to wear a bra for some extra sexy charm. I was feeling erotic and somewhat powerful, enjoying every step that brought me closer towards the room’s door. What can I say … its an exciting walk that every woman deserves to experience in her life. It’s the walk, that has no pressure, no expectations, no commitments and no judgement. I learned to leave my thoughts and issues behind, once I enter the hotel room and the door closes behind me. The room becomes my playground where I can indulge into my erotic pleasures, explore my sexual boundaries and may be even step outside my comfort zone. It’s a place where I am not afraid of being judged, since “The only unnatural sexual behaviour is none at all” (Sigmund Freud).

I knocked on the door … he opened. He was wearing jeans, cute t-shirt and a gorgeous smile. I put my purse on the bench, took my shoes off and found myself in his arms. We didn’t say much …. the words were unnecessary …. we both were craving action. He just said one thing …. complementing me on not wearing a bra. On that note, the dress flew off my shoulders and I felt the warmth of his palm on my breast. As I started feeling pleasantly lightheaded, I pulled his t-shirt off him, while I could still stand on my feet. Both topless and in each other’s arms, I was feeling his kisses all over my lips, neck and breast. His tongue was circling around my nipples giving me goosebumps. His hands were at my waist, then lower, then higher …. then everywhere, touching me and turning me towards the bed.

I took a step back and was gently pushed on the bed. Lying on my back, I felt his kisses around my belly button moving down into the intimate creases between my legs. He had a talented mouth and was very skillful with his tongue and fingers. I shamelessly spread my legs wide as he continued to indulge. I love this part, every second of it, when done right…and he was doing it very right. His tongue was hitting all the right spots, and his fingers were touching, sliding and rubbing at all the right places. I was moaning with pleasure.

After a few minutes, I interrupted him … (I am so regretting it now). He looked at me puzzled and asked if everything was OK. I said “Yes”. I was horny and I was ready, and wanted more of everything. I wrapped my hands around him and kissed him passionately. We started kissing and I pulled myself up and rolled over, so he was lying on his back now. He was watching me as I was kissing his chest, moving lower and lower. That was a moment when I first time looked at “him”. It was perfect … and ready for action. My lips wrapped around him …. he tasted yummy! I was enjoying myself, stopping periodically for a second to take a peek to see if he was still watching me. He wasn’t watching anymore, and his eyes were closed.

The next thing I knew, he was on top of me. For some reason I don’t remember how the gear shifted from BJ to sex. He skillfully put on a condom (I asked) and went in. I was lying on my back with 2 pillows under my head and neck. I pulled the pillows out and threw them on the floor, that way I could extent my arms up, flex my wrists and press on the headboard with my palms. I like it, as it prevents me from sliding up when he goes in all the way. The sex was great, and he looked gorgeous. Sometimes men look ugly during sex, the way they move, breath, make noises, and generally how they look without clothes. If it happens, its best to close your eyes and don’t look. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case, and I was starring. After some time he asked me if I would want him to cum or continue. I was fine with either way (I already had “my moment”), so I told him to cum. I could see he wanted to cum already.

The break was not very long, as we were lying in bed, talking and getting to know each other. The second round was very similar to first, but a bit shorter…..still pleasant and very satisfying.

I knew I had about an hour left as I looked at the clock. Where did the time go… The sex was great, a bit “traditional” (only few poses were tried), but it was a first time and it was an amazing start. For some reason I had a feeling that he was holding back a little bit. I felt he was much more open-minded and experienced than he appeared … may be he didn’t know me well enough yet. Well…. I think it was a right thing to do on his part. I don’t like when men give you a list of things what they want to do to you and with you, without getting to know you, and finding out what you like and what you don’t like. Usually, when a man tells you how he wants to play you, listing the poses, positions, and sex variations … you would be lucky if he can get it up at all, and even more lucky if he can do at least one position. It’s the quiet ones are usually the kinkiest and most fun! Well… I am definitely looking forward to the ride. Ohh!… a hint… he had a big bottle of lube with him … that tells me he is anything but “traditional”. I can’t wait to find out!

As we were lying in bed, kissing, talking and enjoying each other …. my hand was below his waist as my fingers were playing with “him”. I enjoyed kissing him everywhere as my head went down and my lips met my fingers. I looked right into his eyes, smiled at him and bent my head down. It was a BJ full of enjoyment and passion on my part … I was sucking it and loving every moment of it! I wanted all the way … and wasn’t going to stop. I wanted to finish him and feel his juices in my mouth and swallow them. Like a real gentleman he gave me a hand, held my head and assisted me with the rhythm. The finale was spectacular! I felt him throbbing with the orgasm as I swallowed his juice. It was very satisfying … and I really enjoyed it.

The date was over … I kissed him on the cheek and left! Walking down the hotel corridor I felt kinda free, satisfied, entertained and very pleased. It was time well spent!

Karina Bloom

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