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I knocked on the door of the hotel room, and he opened. He looked adorable and casual at the same time, wearing jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt. But the best part of an outfit was his smile, his big, genuine smile as he greeted me in. As soon as I put my purse down and took the shoes off, I found myself in his arms being passionately kissed on the lips and cheeks. He whispered into my ear how much he missed me and told me that he has a surprise for me. Before I could say or ask anything he pulled out a pink fluffy blindfold. It was very very pink and girly looking. I could see he was excited and a little nervous from not knowing how I would react to that. I looked at him, smiled and closed my eyes, letting him know I was liking the surprise.

The blindfold was on, as he turned me around with my back facing him. I felt his touches and his kisses on my shoulders and the back of my neck. His fingers were sliding the dress straps and my bra off my shoulders. The dress fell down and the bra went off. I was practically naked, in my thong and blindfold, as he kneeled down to give me kisses on my butt cheeks sliding off my underwear. I couldn’t see, but I could feel him … his kisses everywhere. He was on his knees kissing my inner thighs, the deep creases between the pubic bone and the thighs, and right on my lips. I spread my legs wider making myself more accessible, while moaning with pleasure.

He asked me to get on the bed, guiding me by the arms. The pillows were stacked on the bed into a little mountain, on which I positioned myself with the ass up and the head down. It was surprisingly comfortable, or may be I was just extremely horny. I was waiting and craving to feel him touching me between my legs and the butt cheeks … craving to feel him “going in”. I felt his hand gently brushing over my pussy as he leaned over and whispered into my ear: “Ohh… honey, you are so incredibly wet, we won’t even need a lubricant for my next surprise. How would you feel about a little plug for this gorgeous ass … it has a pink diamond on it”. He also said: “I’ll be super gentle and super slow”. I nodded my head and spread my legs. At that point I could feel myself getting wet even more.

Lying on my stomach, on the mountain of pillows with my ass up in the air, all wet and horny, I felt his kisses on my back and a gentle pressure in my ass. He inserted the “toy” gently and skillfully! What can I say … the man knew what he was doing … and it felt awesome. When the plug/toy was in, he whispered into my ear: “Good Girl!” He also asked: “How does it feel? Do you feel Ok?” … I nodded “OK” … I couldn’t talk … I didn’t want to talk … I was “in the clouds”. His gentleness and care paired with the phrase “Good Girl” turned me into a “melty pile of a girl-jello”. He continued to be a gentlemen and asked me if he could “enter me”. I took the blindfold off, turned around and pulled him on me. He hesitated a bit (since he didn’t have any protection on), but quickly figured it out and followed my cues. He wanted to do it “bare back” last time, but I pointed on the condom and he obliged. This time I decided to do it without and he was more than happy with that decision. I wanted to feel him all the way, I wanted to be “for real”.

The feeling was intense as he entered me with the plug in, and it felt very erotic. He was doing it on top of me for a bit and then turned me around. As I was enjoying myself on my knees, he whispered that he would like to take the plug out. At that point…my heart skipped a beat… I knew what was coming next. My mind started racing as I was concerned that it might hurt, but at the same time wanted to do it. I was thinking may be he won’t ask for it, but if he will, what should I say? I thought, I could just say “No” … or may be I should try it first and if painful then say “No”. I also thought that if I chicken out without trying, I will regret it, but if I go ahead and its painful, I might never want to do it again. While my mind was racing about “Should I … or Shouldn’t I?” the butt plug came out gently and smoothly. He told me how beautiful I was and how I was being a “Good Girl”. We continued with sex and it felt great. My mind was at the state when you know you will have to answer the question in few seconds, and you know the question, but you have no idea what you are going to say.

He paused … and I felt a rush of adrenalin going through my body. “May I try” he said pulling his cock out of me and positioning it at my anal opening. Out of nowhere the words came out of my mouth: “Very slowly, please”. All lubricated, horny, excited and a little nervous I took a deep breath and relaxed, trusting him with this highly skillful maneuver. It wasn’t my first time doing it, but its been a while, and I knew that this type of action has a very thin line between pain and pleasure. A wrong move on his part and you will be in an excruciating pain, but if done right, you will be in “pleasure heaven”. Just for the record, most men don’t know how to do it right … sorry, boys, but that’s the truth! The bottom line is just three essential concepts: lubrications, preparation and relaxation!

I was relaxed and excited to welcome him in. As I felt pressure building at the “door”, so was the level of my horniness. He was slow, gentle and very careful. I wanted him to succeed, so decided to give him a helping hand. I took his cock into my hand and gently put it in at my own comfort speed. I had to stop on the way few times, paused, took a deep breath and proceeded further after a few seconds. As the entrance was complete, the feeling was a mixture of pain and pleasure…. or better put, pleasure through pain. The pain wasn’t hurtful, but rather complementary to the feeling of pleasure, making it more intense. As we proceeded with anal sex the pain was going away and the pleasure was off the chart. As I was about to orgasm, he asked: “Where would you want me to come?” Through my moaning and groaning I said: “Anywhere you want”…. and he did, right inside me. It was a spectacular finale of very intimate, sensual, but a little kinky anal sex.

But the date wasn’t over yet ….

Karina Bloom

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