Picking a date

I got a question from one of my Twitter followers: “may I ask you how do you choose the guy to go on a date”, and decided to write a blog about it. If it’ll help someone to score a date … it will be awesome!

Before writing this blog I did a little research and ask all my girlfriends about their opinion about the presented question to see if our thoughts would coincide. Well, it turns out that my thoughts are the same as thought of the majority of women.

We, as women, have “our types” of men we are attracted to. So, naturally, those men, who fit those “types” would take a priority over the “general public”. Sorry, boys, you have no control over this. However, even if you are not a woman’s type, you still stand a chance for a conversation or a date, so don’t get disappointed just yet! For example, I am not a fan of tattoos, muscles and facial hair, so if you look like Jason Momoa, I wouldn’t show any interest in you. But you shouldn’t worry, because if you do look like Jason Momoa, you will be of interests of thousands of other women. The point here is that whatever “type” you are, I am 100% sure, that there are plenty of women who would adore you. Also, many women, including me, would still talk and give a chance to men who are not their “type”. So if a woman rejects you by saying “Sorry, you are not my type”, chances are that she didn’t like something that you said, or she didn’t like your approach. Its very unlikely that she rejected you purely based on the physical appearance, considering you have a decent appearance, of course.

Now let’s talk about appearance. Honestly, we don’t expect you to look like Dwayne Johnson or Tom Cruise, although its nice if you do, but if you do, you wouldn’t be on the dating site. Most women have reasonable expectations and would appreciate your physique, regardless of their own personal “type” preference. However, the appearance is still important, it does matter, and you should put an effort to look decent. On your profile picture, you should look groomed and clean, to say the least. If it’s obvious to you … congratulations! … you are one of the few who understand. Also, if you are over 300lb, don’t be surprised that you can’t get a date. Overweight is not healthy, and women are generally looking for men with fully functional body parts. Obesity compromises the “below the waist” performance and women don’t want to take any chances. Simply speaking, we are not in Japan, you are not a Sumo wrestler and being overweight doesn’t make you sexy.

Your profile photo. I have encountered and received photos from fishing trips, where man is holding a big fish. We don’t live in Bedrock, and you are not a Fred Flintstone, so your fishing/huntings skills will not excite a woman, unless she is a prehistoric one. There are exceptions, of course. If you send me a picture from your own Luxury Yacht, where you hunting Blue Marlin in the waters of Atlantic Ocean …. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge, even if I can’t see your eyes under those Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses and your white linen shirt is unbuttoned, wet and wrinkled. But …. I have yet to receive a picture like that! For now, it’s mostly men with beer bellies, in hoodies, in small old fishing boats….not very erotic! It is also not a good idea to send pictures with power tools, like chainsaw. Yes, I have received a picture of a man, holding a heavy duty chainsaw. Although it might be a very good chainsaw, as it was commented by one of my Twitter followers, it is still a chainsaw. We all watched horror movies, and I don’t want to be reminded of one when I am picking a date.

Speaking about pictures … there is nothing worse than to receive an unsolicited/unexpected/unwanted dick picture. Thats when the gender differences are at its strongest. We all know guys love getting cute nudes from ladies. Well … that doesn’t reciprocate back to ladies. Even if you think that you have the best looking dick in the world, sending a picture of it, without being asked for, is a death sentence.

… to be continued