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Taste the Ocean …

Hello my darling readers.

Its been a while since my last blog, as I’ve been busy with life.  A lot has happened, some of it good, and some of it not so much.

Although I’ve been on hiatus from writing, my dating adventures and erotic rendezvous didn’t stop.  On the contrary, the quality of those encounters has gone up, raising the bar for future dates and setting the expectations at the newer level.  

I will try to catch up on my writing here and bring you some thrilling rides and juicy stories.

In the last year or so (from my last blog), I managed to enjoy quite a few oysters with a wonderful man that was mentioned in my last blog ‘Love and Oysters (part 1)’.  

Those who tried oysters know that the taste of a good oyster is rather complex.   So is this affair.  It’s a trilling ride, with its ups and downs, … but as long as it doesn’t go flat, we are in the game.  

One of the reasons I enjoy eating oysters, besides the velvety smooth texture, is the spikes of flavours that spread all over your mouth, one immediately after you eat it and one that comes a little latter, sort of like an aftertaste.  The immediate one is a physiological response to an immediate pleasures, sort of like sex and ice cream.  The latter one, on the other hand, is a complex and sensual, and it sneaks up on you slowly, making you feel satisfied and content. 

Well … my current affair is like eating oysters, giving me an immediate pleasures as well as leaving this delightful aftertaste.  

One thing I’ve notices, also, when eating oysters, is that every oyster tastes a little different.  Even if the same kind, still, each has its unique trail of flavours.  Just like a perfect affair, with each date being unique, interesting and somewhat pleasantly surprising.  

It never gets boring eating a fresh batch of good oysters.  Even if you stumble upon a mediocre piece, the other pieces will quickly come to the rescue and compensate giving you that sweet and salty savoriness.  

No one should settle for a boring life, … so ‘eat your oysters’ and enjoy all sort of flavours the sea of life has to offer.  It sometimes sweet, sometimes salty and sometimes even bitter, … but there are many oysters at sea, so don’t let the bad ones spoil your treat!

My current affair is like a huge plate of oysters, with each date different, unique and trilling. 

One of the memorable dates was the celebration of New Year…

Karina Bloom

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