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The World is watching …

The year 2023 … I am so looking forward to it after a great New Year celebration that happened a few weeks ago, on the last weekend of January.

We arrived at the Shangri-La hotel around 6:00 pm on the last Saturday of January.  That place is gorgeous, with the amazing lounge and bar in the lobby area and the exquisite charm everywhere. It has this vibe that makes you feel alive and sexy… and you need that from time to time, … well, I need that from time to time. 

The view from the 16th floor was breathtaking.  You could see the streetcars and people and other buildings, and an elevator riding up and down, shining in different colours, at the nearby Hilton.  

I kept admiring the cityscape through the window and it felt amazing.  I was imagining myself standing in front of the window, naked, with palms of my hands on that window, leaning towards it.  I imagined his hands all over me, his lips kissing my neck and going down along my back.  I wanted to feel him going into me just like that, in front of that big window, and enjoy a hot steaming sex with the view, because the ‘world was watching’…

My thoughts were interrupted by passionate kisses.  A few minutes later I was on the couch leaned backwards with my legs spread wide open.  He started at my toes, liking and sucking, and taking my whole big toe in his mouth.  It felt sensual and kind of intimate.  After my feet, his kisses slowly crawled up my legs … all the way up. 

He is a good kisser, … everywhere. Technique, passion and the knowledge of woman’s anatomy are essential components that makes a man a good kisser… and he’s got all three.  I like how he starts slow, very slow.  It builds the intensity to the point that my juices start flowing and I get super wet.  I used to get embarrassed a little when that happened, but not anymore.  It’s like a little compliment for a man that shows him that he is very much wanted and desired.  He loves my juices, and he shows it, … making me even more horny. 

All wet, open and horny, I grabbed his belt in an attempted to either unbuckle it or rip it apart.  I wanted sex … crazy passionate sex. 

The hotel, the room, the view and his affection turned me on like crazy. I grabbed him and pulled him towards me.   His face was wet with my juices, and I could taste myself through his kisses.  

On the little couch in the living room, I felt him slowly going inside me.  It was incredible and very sexy.  The couch was quite uncomfortable, but I didn’t even notice…I was horny and I was excited.  The sex was hot and passionate, and it was an awesome start of a great evening.

In a little while I was sitting on the couch, wrapped into a white cozy robe.  My hair was a mess, and my make-up was all rubbed off, but the smile was big and genuine.  He approached me with the white box in his hands and said “Happy New Year”.  It was my New Year present.

A gorgeous bracelet by Bvlgari, from its Serpenti collection.  It was absolutely perfect.  Serpenti … snake, it’s very symbolic for me.  First of all it’s associated with medicine (my field of work), and also represents wisdom and everlasting love.  Also, this brand (Bvlgari), appeared in my favourite movie … “The Thomas Crown Affair”.  Well, now … it was in my affair, and that was spectacular.   

Karina Bloom

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